"Frequently Asked Questions."

What is a Bridge?

A bridge provides the ability to conduct multipoint video conferencing. Like traditional phones, video conferencing systems can't call more than one site at a time without the use of Bridging hardware or special software.

What is the difference between hardware and software bridges?

The two major differences between a software bridge and a hardware bridge are the quality and capacity. Software bridges are typically used to save costs but provide limited functionality and will support a very limited number of sites. Most software bridges exist as licenced software inside a videoconferencing codec which means that multipoint calls can only be made through the single codec holding the software licence. It also means that the codec has to be provided with an internet connection that can support bandwidth in excess of 4Mbit Synchronous data which only expensive corporate connections can provide.

Where is a hardware bridge located?

A hardware bridge is usually located in a data centre or exchange which supports large bandwidths to accommodate many calls at once.

Can I purchase a hardware bridge for my own data centre?

Yes, Conferencing Solutions can provide you with hardware bridges with varying capacity and cost however the initial hardware cost and continual maintenance and support costs are typically out of reach for most small to medium businesses.

Can I hire a Bridge?

Yes and this is traditionally how businesses utilise a bridge without owning one.

What are the costs to hire a bridge?

Hiring of a bridge is on a per call basis and can be rather expensive depending on the number of sites and how long the call is for. A single 2 hour conference call with 5 sites could cost in excess of $ 600

Is there a cheaper solution for hiring a bridge?

Yes, Conferencing Solutions provides monthly subscriptions which allow you to utilize a bridge for as much as you like!

How much does a monthly subscription cost?

It depends on what capacity you require. Our starter package supports up to 3 sites in High Definition for less than $ 500 per month. To find out availability and pricing, please contact our Sales desk on 1800 722 023.

What about adding telephone callers for people who don't have video conferencing?

We can provide you with a telephone number to allow multiple callers to join your conference.

Can I receive or make traditional ISDN videoconferencing calls?

We can assign you a dedicated ISDN number through our ISDN gateway without you having to install ISDN services on your premises.

How does my videoconferencing system connect?

Your videoconferencing system connects through the use of an IP connection and gateway to a private network or the Internet. You can also connect your system to an ISDN service which is the traditional method used for videoconferencing before the internet.

What about my internet connection, will it support my videoconferencing requirements?

Most business grade services will be sufficient to support a single video conferencing system at each of your office locations providing that you are not supporting or hosting other services and use your connection primarily for email or web browsing. If you intend to use your internet connection we recommend you test it using a speed tester such as www.speedtest.net . If you find your upload and download speed exceeds more than 1.5Mbps with latency under 60ms you should not experience problems.

Is there any way to guarantee a reliable network connection for videoconferencing?

Yes! You can use Conferencing Solutions dedicated private MPLS network. Unlike ADSL internet connections we will provide you with a business grade 1:1 contention ratio service with very low latency. The service provides unlimited data usage so there are no excess data charges you may experience when using your normal ISP and the network is guaranteed 99.9% availability.

What is the cost for access to Conferencing Solutions MPLS network?

We provide these services for as little as $ 250 per month. To find out availability and pricing, please contact our Sales desk on 1800 722 023.

What about security?

The Conferencing Solutions private network provides a much higher level of security than your normal ISP because you are not making calls between your sites over the internet. This limits the calls that are less secure as the internet is only required for people outside the private network. Calls made over the internet are routed through our video border proxy and do not compromise the private network.

I have mobile staff and contractors out in the field. Can they use mobile videoconferencing on their laptop or mobile device?

Yes, your staff and contractors can use the Polycom Realpresence software on their PC or mobile device. Once registered with the Conferencing Solutions gatekeeper they will be able to connect to any of your video conferencing sites and join multipoint conferences.

How much does the Polycom Realpresence software cost?

It's free for iOS and Android devices and free for 30 days for PC. A subscription is required to register with the Conferencing Solutions gatekeeper allowing you to access the full functionality of the software and to be able to call your managed video conferencing endpoints. The PC software does not require purchasing if it is registered to the Conferencing Solutions Gatekeeper.

Where can I get the Realpresence software?

Click here to download the Realpresence applications for your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

How do I configure the Realpresence software?

Click here to download our guide on how to install and configure Real Presence Desktop and Realpresence Mobile.

How much is the monthly subscription for gatekeeper registration?

It depends on the device being registered but starts for as little as $40 per month for Realpresence mobile & desktop applications. Each video conferencing system which utilises the bridge must be registered to the gatekeeper.

Do I have to register other videoconferencing systems that do not belong to our business with the gatekeeper?

No, these systems can communicate with your systems through Conferencing Solutions ISDN videoconferencing gateway and IP video border proxies.

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